Welcome to the blog site of East Midlands RSN, the Research Support Network of people with Parkinson’s and researchers in our region.  We provide a platform for you to hear about recent developments in Parkinson’s research, express your views and opinions, and debate the implications and prospects.

Latest blogs include:

  • Disease of Kings – Does it have answers for Parky people? (published in July 2016)
  • BREXIT and Parkinson’s research (published in July 2016)
  • Research breakthrough in Leicester (published in June 2016)

This blog is maintained by a team made of three volunteer editors and an administrator. We would encourage you to contact us if you would wish to contribute articles to this site.


Leave your comments with the blog, contact us by leaving a comment in this page and join us in supporting Parkinson’s research!


  1. Very pleased to have been to the conference Saturday, impressive content and turn out, and to have met Lionel and Deb although shorter than we would have liked Note. Must take tablets wherever we go!!! regards, John and Joy Miller.


  2. Hi..i just want to thank you for doing a wonderful job… I’m from Leicester, but now been in Cape Town 16 years.. In that time my family told me that my Mum has Parkinson’s..i was very upset and worried as we are a very close family.. I didn’t know Much about Parkinson’s… So I would ask my brothers all the time how is mum doing? They would reply she is fine… But I noticed the difference every year when they came to visit me…. At first I thought she was getting worse each year, but with her visits to hospital every six months. This year when she arrived I was Very pleased with her.. She looked stronger… In herself… My mum is the best in this world so thank you for all your research…. Matthew Bryan…X

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