Link Hotel: Next Forum 29th September 2018

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

The forum has been and gone but stays strong in my memory; how about you? Were you there on the 18th November last year? If not, the forum report on this blog will give you a good idea of what to expect at the next forum.

If you would like to book a place or 2 or 3 this is what I will need from you:  Your full name, e-mail address, any special food requirements (gluten-free, vegan, pescatarian etc)and first time I have asked your city of residence – I don’t need a full address but knowing which cities  contributed members of our audience may be useful in the future.Please e-mail TO ME at

Thanks and I will reply to let you know you are booked in.






I work as a volunteer for the charity Parkinson's UK and have been one of the afflicted for more than ten years. The East Midlands RSN Steering Group began in September 2011 and I have been with it since that initial meeting, helping to organise meetings, forums, visiting labs and other events and writing for our newsletter. Here starts a change in style as the newsletter gives way to this blog. Our purpose as always is to encourage, educate and entertain people with Parkinson's and we look forward to you pitching in and telling us how it is for you - and of course telling us what we got right and what we goofed on!

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