September 6th East Mids ‘Messy’ Event!

Our man-on-the-spot John Telford just pointed out this upcoming event to me – here is the text he sent:

“Attend a FREE East Midlands People are Messy Event. It aims to increase public awareness and uptake of health research and takes place at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester on the 6 September 2017 from 10.00AM – 2.00PM. It involves watching a 1 hour film drama called People are Messy, taking part in a discussion about issues raised in the film and opportunities to find out about local health research opportunities. There’s free lunch too! We aim to attract 100 patients and public members, particularly from diverse groups and communities who don’t get involved in research. Places are limited so book here.”

The link goes to

Thanks John – I just may see you there!


I work as a volunteer for the charity Parkinson's UK and have been one of the afflicted for more than ten years. The East Midlands RSN Steering Group began in September 2011 and I have been with it since that initial meeting, helping to organise meetings, forums, visiting labs and other events and writing for our newsletter. Here starts a change in style as the newsletter gives way to this blog. Our purpose as always is to encourage, educate and entertain people with Parkinson's and we look forward to you pitching in and telling us how it is for you - and of course telling us what we got right and what we goofed on!

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