Finding it in the family: New Parkinson’s study. How to take part.

Familial Parkinson’s is a name given to PD that appears to run in families suggesting that something within their related genomes is responsible. Times and research change as we learn more, indeed not too long ago the medical world was generally of the opinion that PD was not inherited and all PD was idiopathic in origin (idiopathic is a fine-sounding word that means we don’t know what caused it!).

The study below is focused on family genetics and non-parky members of families are welcome to contribute to see if there are discernable differences between PD free and PwP family members. I participated and hope some of you reading this will also join in if you can. Remember, PD research like most other forms of research is a numbers game and the more people get involved the better the quality of outcomes from these studies, leading on towards better treatments.

If you live outside of Leicestershire please contact Manuela (see below) and she will put you in touch with your nearest hospital . Good luck!


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