Patient involvement in research

‘Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is when researchers and people affected by health conditions work in partnership to plan, design, implement, manage, evaluate and/or disseminate research.’

This is the definition of PPI given by an excellent introductory booklet recently published by Parkinson’s UK, called Patient and Public Involvement – A Resource for Researchers.

The booklet gives a succinct account of:

  • What is Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)?
  • Methods of involvement
  • PPI in clinical research
  • PPI in basic research
  • How Parkinson’s UK can help you with PPI
  • PPI case studies
  • Ensuring your PPI is meaningful
  • Further PPI resources

This is very much what the East Midlands RSN has been promoting for the past 5 years and with some success.  In particular, we have been able to create an environment for local researchers and people with Parkinson’s to meet and get to know each other directly, in Research Forums and Researchers’ Meetings.


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